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Haha Funny

Interesting story, well thought out message. I like the way the sound and the speech bubbles go along.

Liked it

Wow, that was something else. Not a type of animation you see very often, but that's good.
The music also fitted quite nice.
For you. here's a banana, (8)


I like the way you used the Bone Tool to make the stickman run, he did it really realistic.
Could have been nice with some sound like an explosion at the beginning though, but I imagine that it drags your attention once the music starts playing.
I also see that you went economic - Some people don't take into concern the viewer's internet cap, yet you did. Thank you
Since it's your first I'll give you an EIGHT, because it caught my eye.


It might have taken a lot of cap to download your flash, but it was worth it-
I mean-
It was hilariously funny how you took your own Picture and roll around like a monkey.
I see you only credited yourself though, you should credit Mr.KleinM as well since he was part of your flash, but he shouldn't have a problem with it since he gave you an 8 on your review.
All in all, my brother and I laughed a lot.

Good and Funny

It's funny, I like the way your Adam skated in although I think that wasn't supposed to happen, it's pretty funny.
Good miniature animation.
I would like to point out that what Thazrog said is very true. Your flash would look very good if it had more movement, even if that means that the heads move from right to left on their bodies.

The music also fits the animation.

Incredible. Wonder-bar

Well worth watching.
I haven't ever seen this type of animation with invisible bodies.
I like the invisible bodies. Bodies are overrated in anyway. The eyes, mouth and other body parts give enough information for everyone to know what kind of emotion is expressed.

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